Friday, November 14, 2008

Whats your Realage?

If you want to check out a really cool website go to Have you ever seen Dr. Oz on Oprah? If you like him you will love this site. My favorite thing to do is take the real age quiz and find out how old I really am. Are you wondering what I'm talking about:) There is a quiz that asks you all about your daily choices(food, workout, etc) habits(driving with a cell phone, drinking, seatbelt) and tons of other stuff. When you are all finished it tells you your real age, and the goal is to be younger than your calendar age. I need to get back on and retake mine it's been awhile. Currently I am 2.4 years younger than my calendar age, but I've been trying to be good and not text while driving so maybe I got a little younger:) There is also a nutrition quiz that tells you a lot of helpful information too. Once I retake mine I'll post a comment if I got any younger. If you take it post your real age too!

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Pilates Hottie said...

OMG lol I didn't expect that! I am now 6.5 years younger than my calendar age. I'm 19.3! That's fabulous cuz in my mind I still am sometimes:)