Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I enjoy pilates and yoga more and more every day. There is something about feeling taller, stretched, and stronger all at the same time. With the added benefit of feeling relaxed. Which has led me to the decision to write more about all the aspects of health. Pilates and yoga are both considered Mind-Body-Spirit inclusive. So I am going to try to broaden my writing a little to cover all of these aspects. Learning to listen to your body is a wonderful thing, and both methods promote it. Knowing that "I feel strong today" means I can and should push a little harder or "I'm feeling tired or just off today" whether it is physically, mentally or emotionally means it's ok that I back off and do a modification. Learning to do tasks with concentration and control helps in all parts of our lives. We all can agree that doing something well a few times is better than doing lots of something half-assed.(Pardon my french.....which just made me wonder where did we come up with that saying anyways?)

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