Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Soundtrack to my life

I'm so excited to watch the CMA's tonight! Music is great. Sometimes I wish I could have it playing all the time, kind of like having my own soundtrack. If the perfect song popped up for every moment; how cool would that be? I definately don't confine my favorites to one genre. What I listen to totally depends on my mood. Music motivates me, cheers me up, comforts and relaxes me. Sometimes it takes me back to a memory that seems so vivid just by hearing it. Ok maybe not sometimes more like often:) I associate times and events with songs more often than I probably realize.
I love it when my workout mix is so fabulous I completely forget about time and just sing along. Before I know it I'm sweating like crazy, but it feels effortless.
If you want to know how cheesy romantic I can get:) I made my hubby a cd with all the songs that reminded me of him, kind of like our soundtrack. I'll never forget when he told me there was a song that reminded him of me before we we're even dating. We later danced to that song at our wedding.
A little secret talent I have is playing the piano. Well maybe I should say hobby except I don't have a piano at the moment, so I don't play much at all right now. I'm not great at it for sure, but it's a good time. It's very cool to get totally lost in a song. If I ever get one again I think I'll definitely try to get better at it. For now I'm going to keep my ipod updated with great new songs to workout to!

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