Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy November!

I'm back from my fabulous vacation. My husband and I went back home for about 10 days. It was so much fun! Saw my niece for the first time and she was adorable:) W kept very busy seeing family and friends, eating at all our favorite restuarants, going to hockey games, and just hanging out. Oh and by the way I am very proud of myself for working out while on vacation. After taking a year or so off of hockey I played 3 times while I was home. Yes I still have all my teeth. Playing again reminded me how much fun it was and what a great workout too. One of my friends had a stationary bike in her living room and thankfully I brought my ipod so I had my workout playlist. Throw in a couple days of pilates and I did pretty well I think. Had to burn off that Canadian beer somehow.
Now that I'm back and it's November already, wow when did that happen? I have a lot to do. Like send Christmas cards more than 5 people:) I think my hubby and I need to get a picture taken this year. We don't really have any other than our wedding and Chrismas party pics. Holiday baking projects; which involve me trying to healthify my fave recipes. I also love decorating for the holidays. Working on a Fall tableset at the moment. I have also started the search for great Christmas presents and stocking stuffers. I will try to put a collection of ideas together for you guys. Also keep checking in for recipes. I have a couple sweet potato recipes to post.

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