Monday, November 3, 2008

Nasty Little Thoughts Can Go Bye-Bye

As Thumper's mom said in Bambi "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say nothing at all" or something like that..... Stephanie over at Back in Skinny Jeans had a great post today about Self Sabotage. If you would not say it to someone else, why would you say it to yourself? We all need to stop and remember to treat ourselves with the same respect and admiration that we show to others.
I have at times been very guilty of this(most of my life). However over the past year I have made great improvements. It really does help to remind yourself if you wouldn't tell your best friend something negative about her body why would you tell yourself that the stretch marks on your hips look so disgusting you should never be seen in public in a swimsuit. Because you would never say that to someone else and even if they did have stretch marks on their hips and were wearing a bikini you would admire them for wearing it anyways.
When I was back home on vacation I had to go through some of the stuff I had left at my parents house. In one box we're some pictures of myself golfing in college. The first thing I thought to myself was wow I was fatter than I thought. How could anyone want to talk to me without thinking I was gross and disgusting? I just automatically assumed everyone that saw me at that point in my life must have thought I was disgusting. Instead at that moment I should have told myself great job for getting in shape and eating better. Look how much healthier I am now. Or I was still an important person then, weight and looks should not be the only thing determining my importance. Truth is people still cared about me then and I still had friends. All that negativity was so unnecessary.
So even though I went into the fitness industry and I am definitely a lot healthier than I used to be. I still struggle with self acceptance. It really is about learning to love yourself for who you are. Sometimes that takes stepping outside of yourself and looking at yourself through someone else's eyes. If you don't take care of yourself who will? Hop on over to Back in Skinny Jeans and read Self Sabotage. Keep your thoughts positive!

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