Thursday, December 4, 2008

Debra Messing, A Great Role Model

If you want a nice big piece of honesty check out Debra Messing who is on the cover of Shape magazine this month. Looking fabulous of course. I saw her on Jay Leno two nights ago and he brought out the magazine. Debra tells Jay that the cover says "How I lost 42 pounds on the cover" (like she did it in 3 weeks) but she says it took her 3 years. So there I am given the impression it's very possibly not the celebrity that pushes for these unrealistic ideas but possibly the magazine itself. I got my issue of Shape in the mail yesterday and was excited to read the article. My fave quote from Debra was "It helped me drop the first few pounds, but I was exhausted! I couldn't work out 3 hours a day and do my job as a mother and an actress." Wow that's fabulous she just told us right there that she is completely real. She also chose to lose weight the healthy way. By eating healthier and even though she still worked out with the trainer she cut back on the time. That's fabulous and I love how she is not afraid to say it took her 3 years!
I am curios about all the celebrity moms out there posing for magazines in their bikinis. My gosh they are so brave, but we never see a stretch mark or a zit. However we all know if we had a zit in our wedding photos etc we would definately want the photographer to airbrush it out. So is it really so bad that the stretch marks are erased.......or do they even have them anymore. Maybe they should let us know what their trick was for getting rid of them. So we can know what works and what doesn't.
Or should we just stop the airbrushing and completely show the world what we look like in real life! I'm sure this would take a long time for our society to accept. I do think that we could change the way we look at being "perfect" if we started to look more objectively at all kinds of beautiful whatever the size or so-called flaw. It's about believing what's in your heart and not what others portray as acceptable.


MizFit said...

thanks for the heads up.
I love her and havent gotten my mag yet.


Pilates Hottie said...

No problem. Thanks for reading!