Thursday, December 4, 2008

You Really Do Have Options!

So I want to put so many of you at ease. My friends, my clients, and probobly you too think that so many foods are bad or forbidden. Carbs are bad because of the low carb/protein diets. Fat is bad because of the low fat diets and all the food that advertises. Then there are certain foods that are just bad like pizza, pasta, potatoes, bananas, chocolate, fruit in general even! Guess what? Your body needs all three macronutrients. Carbs in all their glory, fat in all its shinyness, protein in all its buffness. You need it all to function at your very best. Yes their is good fat and bad fat, good carbs and bad carbs, and more optimal forms of protein. If it grows in the ground it's probobly good for you. The less steps from ground to your mouth the better. The less chemicals, processes, preservatives etc the better. There are healthier ways to prepare all foods. If you don't believe me leave a comment and ask me to help you out with your food item of choice.

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