Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Your Fairy-Weight-Loss-Mother to the rescue!

I have a love hate relationship with Jillian Michael's. I think she looks great works hard and definitely motivates people to get healthy. I love her workouts, and like to hit them up on demand on FitTV. However I saw her on Rachael Ray yesterday and they we're talking about whether she indulges at all. She said she is very selective about it. Which is pretty much how we all have to be:) You know when you say hmmm if I really want that piece of chocolate later maybe I won't have this cookie. The subject of margaritas came up and Jillian told Rachael that they contain about 600 calories. Rachael about fell over, and then asked if red wine was a better for you. And Jillian almost said no like don't even bother drinking it's a waste of calories(but hey if that's your treat go for that over the chocolate cake). She then tells R that it's about 100 calories and Rachael responded by saying well I could have 6 glasses of wine instead of one margarita! (Now that's my kind of thinking, girl;) To be fair I think that Jillian is so in the spotlight she kind of has to portray the I eat no bad food vibe. She does a fabulous job at it too! However I am so glad I am not her. I would not want that job! Yes I think you should eat healthy and I think you should workout but I do not think that you can't have any fun. Food is one of the joys of life so be your own judge and remember that we all have certain things that are worth indulging in. It's good for your soul to enjoy the good things in life. Moderation is key in anything we do.
My goal is to be healthy fit and still be able to enjoy an extra glass of wine or even pizza now and then. You can always up the nutrition in your indulgent food and probably make it healthy somehow. All it takes is a little creativity and adventurous taste buds.
I also used to wonder why she yells at her clients etc. Well after training a few different personalities and levels of motivation. I can tell you I have wanted to do the same thing! Really (now I may not go as far as say I'm going to break your @!#$@#$ legs with the barbell...wow I can't believe she said that. But it is TV and that's what people want. I don't think that would go well with my clients. Ha!) but I do want to say hey if you aren't going to even try to follow a healthy diet Shut-Up and stop complaining that you are not losing weight. I already gave you suggestions to change your lifestyle, but you have not changed a thing and that my friend is your fault not mine. What do you think I am the magic fairy-weight-loss mother. Poof let me wave my dumbbell at you and melt your fat cells away! Lol OK I'm done ranting I hope that made you laugh:) Anyways I don't think you should be too obsessive over the small stuff it's important to be healthy in mind, body and spirit and restricting everything can put a damper on your overall balance.

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