Monday, December 22, 2008

Remember to keep yourself in check....if you want to

Hmm well after a fun weekend of overindulging which didn't make my head feel wonderful Sunday morning, and didn't make my scale squeel with delight this morning. It is time to have a couple good days! Well once I finally lost the weight I wanted to pick a number that if it creeped towards that number(well if it hit or surpassed it) I would get back on the bandwagon. Well this morning I was 1 pound shy of it. I was very proud of myself and didn't freak out about it or tell myself I was fat. I calmly accepted that I needed to behave;) So I ate lots of fruit and more veggies today, and had poached eggs for breakfast. I'm not sure if say I'm just retaining water and the scale will go back to where I would like it too in a day or so. We'll see, but I also feel way better when I eat healthier. I need to up my cardio too. I have actually been avoiding it! It's kind of cold and sometimes I just don't want to look like a dork in front of the neighbors. Whom I haven't met most of them and the ones I have don't seem all that intersted in me anyways. So why do I care? Well I'm not sure. I am looking into buying a spinning bike with my Christmas/bday money that I get this year. That way there is no excuse if I am watching tv I could also be exercising.

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