Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fave Things

Two years ago I got a pair Nike perfect DriFit pants for Christmas. I still have them and have added more pairs to my closet as well! These have to be the most flattering workout pants I've ever owned. They don't show every lump and bump you have even though they are body hugging. All you get is a nice smooth silhouette. The waist band is wider than most and doesn't cut in to give you a muffin top! You also won't lose your pants the next time your doing a rollup in Pilates class, these babies stay put. Even after multiple washings they don't seem to lose there shape or elasticity. I do try to hang dry them, but trust me there have been multiple times they have gone through the dryer. Priced at approx $60 depending where you get them: some options are and I noticed on the Nordstroms website they also had a silver/gray pant with a lavender waistband. I may have to add some color to my wardrobe which consists of mostly black items. Actually I have been doing pretty good adding a dose of color to my closet. My hubby lovingly refers to them as my ninja outfits:)