Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday is running day!

Today is the second day on my running program. I again only have to do 1 mile. Today it's 44 already so a lot warmer than Tuesday was! Today I woke up not feeling super motivated. Which sometimes happens a lot for me. I have to work harder to remind myself of what I am working towards. I had a great idea yesterday of mapping out my life. Starting with my childhood and seeing how far I've come emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The reason I think this will be so helpful is that I'll be able to see how far I have come today and be more patient with the progress I want to keep changing. So as I work on this I'll be posting incite to what I have found helps me.

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Pilates Hottie said...

Completed todays run in 10 min and 30 secs. Stuck with the same route which has quite an incline on the last half. Warmer at 39 degrees today, but quite windy. I battled a little extra resistance due to that. I downloaded Mercy by Duffy and Keeps gettin' better by Christina Aguilera. Also want to not that it is important to cool down after your run, so walk for at least 3 minutes post run/jog to bring your heart rate back down.