Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I need some energy

So I've been recovering since my test out on Saturday. I think it's mental recovery:) Because every time I thought about writing something I shuddered. The good news is that I passed! Yay I'm now level 2 certified through Peak Pilates. Next is level 3 which I need to go buy ink so I can print out my registration papers. I have also been looking into a website for my pilates business and advertising. I hate being in debt, but I am sort of coming to realize I might have to put out money to make money. The key is though that I want to be able to work from home so when we have kids, which we are hoping is sooner than later I will be able to still do some work. So with needing to buy a car that is family appropriate as well as continuing education I want to accomplish soon; I want' to be careful about how much debt I put myself in. On the other hand it's hard to try to find a job that pays decent but I won't feel guilty getting hired with the intention of quitting once we have a baby.

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