Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Tip day!

Today I feel like being helpful. So I'm going to post some tips I've used this week to Be healthier, save money, and maybe even be a little greener.

Tip #1: Switch your yogurt from flavored to plain. You will cut out quite a bit of sugar, preservatives, or fake sugars if you are getting the sugar free kind. Without the sugars you can flavor your yogurt however you want to sweet or savory. If you want it sweet you can control how much you put into it. This really helps if you are cutting back because you find that it really doesn't need that much to make it yummy!

Tip #2: I use bare minerals and was noticing they have a special cleanser for the brushes. So I bought it....the teeny little bottle for $15. Then before I used it I as thinking, hey there is prob not a lot of difference between this and my face cleanser or my shampoo! So I returned the cleanser and I'll use my face cleanser to clean my brushes. Bam! $15 saved:)

Tip #3: I also noticed that I have been throwing away a bit of food lately because it goes bad before we use it. So I have avoided the grocery store the last week in loo of being more creative and making meals from what we have. Now if I run out of veggies I'll be back there in a heartbeat though:) If you are having trouble trying to come up with ideas? Check out I have found many Delicious recipes here and the greatest perk is that it lets you search for recipes by listing ingredients you have as well as ingredients you don't have. I made a yummy curried shrimp last night. I'll have to post the recipe later today.

Tip #4: I am always freezing! And we have our thermostat set to fluctuate up and down so it's not always blasting at 70 and making our heat bill rise. I got this wonderful plush robe from my hubby for Christmas and it is getting a lot of wear lately. So what's my tip? Dress warmer. We have all heard it but it's really true. If you think about it 65 degrees should not feel cold! It doesn't when it warms up from 10 to 60 outside. So why should I be shivering in my house at 65? Socks, slippers, sweatshirts, or a fab fuzzy robe:) Better yet cuddle under a blanket if you are chilling on the coach or at your desk.

Hope these help you out and inspire you to make other healthful changes in your life:)

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