Friday, January 23, 2009

Practice mindfulness

Being mindful is so important in everything we do. Let's choose today to be mindful in making healthy choices. Being a little more active by choosing the stairs, going for a walk, or just doing a couple push ups. Every little bit helps:) Maybe you want to be more in tune to your eating habits. Try to stay hydrated by drinking water more often during your day. Spread it out through your day. You don't have to feel like your drowning yourself in 8 cups at once, because you really only just end up peeing more. Craving sugar? Eat some fruit such as a banana with pb(well due to the recent salmonella outbreak maybe almond butter), or have a few dates which are a super sweet candy like treat. Feeling stressed? be mindful of positive and relaxing thoughts. Nip those negative I'll never get it all done thoughts in the butt. Find a few seconds to close your eyes and take nice deep breathing. Do something you enjoy. You deserve it and if you are happier you are more productive and healthier:)

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Every Gym's Nightmare said...

great post!

Kelly Turner