Monday, January 26, 2009

Climb this pyramid today

I was surfing the internet over the weekend, and happened upon Dr. Weil's food pyramid I loved that it had veggies and fruit at the base of the pyramid. So many people don't get enough fruits and veggies. When we should be doing though is basing most our meals around them and adding other food groups as condiments basically. For example instead of putting a little sauce on a big ol pile of spaghetti. Try making a super hearty sauce full of peppers and mushrooms and top that with a sprinkling of spaghetti.


PilatesHottie said...

However if you do start eating mostly fruits and veggies, you do want to analyze overall calories, so you don't go to low. Adding in veggies almost lets you eat as much(volume) as you want from veggies and fruit that is. Learn to eat everything else in moderation and if you are still starving have another serving of green beans.

the egyptian knight said...

i like you

could we be friends

jh said...

Thanks for the wonderful link. I printed this out and put it on the fridge to remember!

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