Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hot or Not?

Well I tried hot yoga again (this was my second time). I went to a Bikram yoga studio, and I was all excited to be on my quest for a super flexible gumby-like body...... I entered the studio. It was nicely decorated, I loved the shower curtains in the locker room. I may have to search for them as the girl working there wasn't sure where they came from.
To backtrack to my first Bikram experience. The lights we're on and they we're super bright. The teacher was on a box at the front of class and her instructing reminded me of a drill seargant. Not my idea of yoga. I prefer dim or dark rooms(unless I'm outside in the sunshine) and although I do love a great workout from my yoga practice, I definately like a more calming approach. The heat didn't seem to bother me too much although I was definately sweaty. It looked like I jumped in a lake!
So the second experience. The lights we're on but they we're lanterns the nice zen-like white lantern thingys that I love. So not to bad. The teacher was even a little less drill-seargeantish at first. But they basically tell you not to leave even if you feel bad, because there is noone out in the lobby to check on you. So shortly into class I'm feeling lightheaded, and nauseous. I feel like puking and can barely stand up without my world going black and fuzzy. So I spent some time in childs pose recouping. Wanting to leave because I knew I would not feel better, but feeling as though that was not acceptable. Plus I didn't want to wuss out. Well then I am trying to rehydrate and am told by instructor to only take a drink between sets not between poses. Because the others might get jealous when they are balancing or transitioning or whatever!!! Ok now you have pissed me off. You can't tell me I can't get a drink of water when I'm about to pass out in a 105 degree room. Plus I have always been taught to never lock your knees and apparently you are supposed to do that in Bikram. So I'm not sold on this class. After I suffered through being in a 100+ degree room for 90 minutes. I graciously only bought one session instead of a package deal, because I won't be back. Maybe warm yoga, and maybe hot yoga that isn't the Bikram style, but for now I'll refrain. Love my yoga though!

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