Monday, August 18, 2008

Gymnastics and the Olympics

I am in awe of the athletes, they are so inspirational! Gymnastics is one of my favorite sports to watch. Swimming is great too, and I was amazed at Phelps talent.
The more I see the Chinese gymnasts I think to myself wow can they really be old enough. They seriously look 10-12. Then I think well hey should there be an age rule, if they are good enough let them compete. But, and a big BUT here that's not the case, if they aren't old enough they are breaking the rules and that is not good sportmanship, and not fair to any of the athletes. I think athletes are role models and shame on them if they want to play unfair. Now say they are underage they are prob so young they are can I say "brainwashed" into thinking it's ok? hmmm I wonder. Everyone else had to play by those rules, maybe the US athletes would have been even more fabulous when they we're 12 too, but they played by the rules and waited there turn. But anyways. Regarldless team USA did great. Good job girls! I completely agree that 2 gold medals for the uneven bars would have been better than the tie break. They both scored the highest so they should both be rewarded.
A little side note- I absolutely love the dresses the Chinese have been wearing to escort the medalist to the podium. The white ones we're fabulous and the blue and gold ones we're GEORGEOUS!

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